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Decoding QR Codes: Part 2 [INFOGRAPHIC]

August 14, 2012 by The Whole Brain Group
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Have you seen other companies using QR Codes and wondered how to use them yourself? We recently posted a basic introduction to QR codes, "What's a QR Code and How Can My Business Use One?", demonstrating how QR codes can help your business in its internet marketing plans. Effective QR campaigns can augment other marketing efforts such as social media and email campaigns to aid in your digital success. The infographic below visually outlines some of the QR code basics discussed in our original post.

Decoding QR Codes: What’s a QR Code and How Can My Business Use One?

August 09, 2012 by The Whole Brain Group
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What is a QR code?

QR Codes

You’ve probably seen a QR code on an ad in the pages of your favorite magazine, the back of your cereal box, or maybe even the digital boarding pass for your last flight. QR, or “quick response,” codes resemble barcodes and, like a barcode, they can be quickly scanned to access information. Unlike barcodes, however, QR codes can store almost unlimited amounts of data and can be used for many different functions. The primary function of a QR code is linking to digital content. Most often QR codes are used to link to a company’s website. They can also be used to direct potential customers to join a mailing list, “like” a Facebook page or follow the company on Twitter.