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The Essential Marketer’s Guide to Using Twitter’s Newest Features

Authored by Marisa Smith on May 05, 2015

social_media_news_report-3If you’ve been paying any attention at all to Twitter, you’ve noticed a ton of new features and updates in the past year. Many of these features pose terrific marketing opportunities for your business.

Lost in the swirling sea of Twitter features? Don’t know what’s out there or where to begin? No worries — we’ve compiled the best marketing advice on the newest Twitter features. Check out these articles and jump into the sandbox!

Topics: Social Media, Twitter, syndication

7 Ways You’re Ruining Your Calls to Action

Authored by Marisa Smith on April 21, 2015

WBG_blog_feat_img_Call_to_ActionLet’s face it. You spend more time combing through stock photos than you do crafting your calls to action. CTAs are easy, right? Just tell your lead to sign up or download. Simple!

Actually, there’s a lot more to creating effective CTAs, and if you’re not using a sensible strategy, you’re probably seeing a lot fewer conversions than you could be getting.

If you want to create calls to action that crank out conversions, you can make a great start on it by checking for these CTA mistakes.

Topics: Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Marketing Tips, syndication

Hero or Outlaw? How to Use Archetypes in Marketing Your Brand

Authored by Marisa Smith on April 02, 2015

What's your archetype?If someone asks you what your archetype is, don’t worry—it’s not a cheesy pickup line.

Archetypes are an ideal model of a type or group, like a personality type or a typecast character. Think of Darth Vader as the archetypal Bad Guy, or Dorothy Gale as the archetypal Innocent. Archetypal images represent fundamental human desires. In literature and art, they connect with readers and viewers at deep emotional levels. 

Topics: Branding and Identity, Marketing Strategy, syndication

[Infographic] The Dos and Don'ts of Social Media

Authored by Marisa Smith on March 12, 2015

WBG_blog_feat_img_SM_dos_dontsYou know your business needs to be using social media for marketing, but actually doing it—and doing it effectively—is an entirely different matter. What are the top things you should do? What are the top things you definitely SHOULDN’T do?

3 Business Podcasts You Should Subscribe To Right Now

Authored by Marisa Smith on March 05, 2015

wbg_ft_img_pocastI love podcasts. They’re a great (and free) way to pass the time in the car, or while walking on the treadmill. Listening to other business people and thought leaders talk about their passions inspires me to think creatively about my own business. In fact, it takes me twice as long to get through a podcast because I'm always pausing it to dictate an idea into my Notes app!

Topics: Business Mojo, syndication

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