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Most Important KPIs By Funnel Stage: Awareness

August 25, 2016 by The Whole Brain Group
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man standing against a chalkboard that has drawings of graphs and metrics on it

You know that planning a solid marketing budget for next year means you'll need to carefully track and study your key performance indicators (KPIs). But with so much data and information available, where do you start? And once you start, how do you know which KPIs have the greatest value to you?

The goal is high-value KPIs. But to get there, start with a base. We work with our clients to align your marketing and sales efforts in order to generate the most revenue, and we start by segmenting your metrics by the three stages of your customers’ buying process:

4 Essentials for Any Marketing Budget Planning Session

August 23, 2016 by The Whole Brain Group
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businesspeople gathered around a table with papers and post-it notes making plans

If you’re not already well into next year’s marketing plan budget setting sessions, you soon will be. As with any endeavor, planning is key, even if it’s planning your planning session!

Here are four considerations you need to have in place before planning out your marketing budget that are critical to your success. 

Does Your Marketing Budget Include These Essential Tools?

August 19, 2016 by Will Kerschbaum
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wall of tools

If you’re on your game, you’re already planning your 2017 marketing budget. Hopefully, you’ve already reviewed your 2016 marketing efforts and you’ve set up your metrics tools for tracking your performance.

Now it’s time to figure out what tools you’re missing in your daily and weekly inbound activities. Knowing what you need and why you need it will help you make a strong case when you present your budget proposal for next year.

Before You Budget: Your Inbound Metrics To-Do List

August 17, 2016 by Will Kerschbaum
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How would you like to get all the marketing budget you could ever want?

Marketing directors are constantly under the gun to prove their own existence to the people holding the purse strings. But we’ve found through experience that when your company’s executives see how your marketing efforts directly impact the bottom line, they’re quick to funnel more budgeting resources your way.

What Gaps Are in Your B2B or Professional Services Inbound Plan

August 12, 2016 by The Whole Brain Group
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As you look back over your 2016 marketing efforts to see which spend brought the best bang for your proverbial buck, keep a careful lookout for any gaps you may have in your inbound marketing efforts. Where were you weak? Where were you strong? What did you miss entirely? In other words, and to paraphrase the London Tube warning, mind your gaps.