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Most Important KPIs By Funnel Stage: Awareness

April 21, 2017 by Ben Jessup
Found in: Inbound Marketing, Budget

You've probably heard that your key performance indicators, or KPIs, should play a big role in the creation of your marketing budget. They tell you where to put your dollars to make the most impact— the biggest bang for your buck, so to speak. But. There's SO MUCH DATA, it's tough to tell what's actually useful, and what you can ignore. How do you know which KPIs have the greatest value, and should be used to create that all-important budget? 

How to be successful as a seller-doer without sacrificing billable hours

April 14, 2017 by Ben Jessup
Found in: Inbound Sales, Sales Enablement, Sales & Marketing

busy person multi-taskingFor architecture, engineering, and construction firms, winning business is key. But getting the meeting with the right person and cultivating that relationship over twelve, eighteen, or even THIRTY-SIX months until the request for proposal (or RFP) for the project is released can be nerve wracking and a huge expense of time.

According to SMPS's recent survey titled “Sell. Do. Win Business.,” it is clear the trend in the industry is for more dual role work, or billable staff having additional business development responsibilities. Over the next ten years, the number of seller-doers will drastically increase as the amount of time they will be spending on business development activities rises.

To maintain profitability, seller-doers and business development staff need to be extremely efficient and effective at securing new business from existing and new clients. How do you do it? Here are some helpful tips. 

Stop Trying to Get More Leads

April 10, 2017 by Ben Jessup
Found in: Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Lead Generation

Stop Trying To Get More Leads

Your marketing team is really hustling to get your sales team a ton of leads from your online marketing efforts. You're working harder than ever, and you're proud of the numbers you're producing. 

But wait! Do you realize you're so focused on the quantity of your leads, you've lost sight of the quality? You’re actually hurting your sales process by racking up higher numbers! B2B companies that center their marketing on getting more leads don't actually NEED more leads— they need more sales.

The 3 R's of Content Marketing

March 31, 2017 by Ben Jessup
Found in: Content Marketing

reuse refresh reimagine

As a kid, the three R's (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) were grilled into my brain. This ensured that I would not pollute the earth with more garbage. That lesson also applies to content marketing. By Using the R's of content marketing: Reuse, Refresh, and Reimagine, you can reduce marketing polution, and improve your inbound marketing and lead generation.

Your S&%$ is Cool to Your Audience

March 23, 2017 by Ben Jessup
Found in: Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing

Your Audience Loves You

You know a lot about your particular industry. Like, A LOT. You could write a very detailed blog post about one aspect of it, but you have one question: who will read it? Or at least, who will read it to actually get the information, not as a sleep aid?