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Speed Up Your Content Workflow with HubSpot's New Curation Tool

If you're like me, you come across great content ideas all the time—whether it's on Twitter, in your email inbox, or on blog posts and Pinterest boards. But when you're in the middle of some other task, it's easy to quickly forget whatever it was that sparked your juices. Or maybe you jot down those ideas, but your notes are all over the place—siloed, disorganized, and incomplete.

Even if you're using content curation apps like Evernote or Pocket, they're not integrated into your content process. So you've got a slush pile of thoughts that you'll never get optimal use out of.

That's where HubSpot's latest innovation comes in. HubSpot Collect is your centralized idea hub for collecting inspiration and ideas from all over the web.

And it is really cool.

Curation That Streamlines Your Content Workflow

The important difference between HubSpot Collect and content curation apps like Evernote is that Collect also streamlines your collection-to-creation workflow by capturing the context and making the ideas available directly where you create content—right in HubSpot's Composer.

For example, let's say you find a juicy bit of information on HuffPo about using behavioral data to integrate your marketing campaigns. You can go into HubSpot and tag the content with "data," "marketing," "integration," and anything else that's relevant. Then, when you write your next blog post, you can drop all of your related clippings and snippets into your post in one click.

HubSpot Collect cuts down on scrambling for research, or trying to remember exactly where to insert the right image at the right time.


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What's It Like to Use Collect?

Collect handles all the hard work for you. It saves the content you clip, then when you’re writing your blog post, Collect makes it available. Just one click inserts your curated content into the post. All content is automatically auto-attributed with a link to the original source, so you never have to worry about forgetting that step.

Who Gets Access to HubSpot Collect?

One of the great features of Collect is that it also enhances collaboration. Inspiration can come from anywhere, and anyone—not just articles you come across, but also ideas your boss or other colleagues bump into. Collect allows multiple people at your company to curate content and add ideas in the same spot. And, since you're probably not the only writer on your team, anyone can use them for their content.

HubSpot Collect is included with any HubSpot Marketing subscription, so no matter what size your business is, or which HubSpot package you have, you can start saving and turning ideas into content today.

HubSpot announced this tool on Wednesday at Inbound 16. You can explore more about HubSpot Collect and get started today.

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