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7 Signs Your Website Needs a Facelift

April 26, 2017 by Ben Jessup
Found in: Web Design, syndication

A grey hair here, a wrinkle there. Whether we notice it or not, we're all aging a little every day. Your website ages the same way. You don’t notice the dated styling or conventions because you see them all the time. 

But your visitors notice, and they make judgements about your business based on how your website looks. 

How Bad..Or Good is Your Website? Find Out In Seconds

January 26, 2017 by Ben Jessup
Found in: Inbound Marketing, Web Design, Analytics

chalkboard with website assessment grades written on it: excellent, good, average, poor

If you're like a lot of B2B marketers, you have this constant niggling anxiety at the back of your mind that no matter what changes or updates you make to your company website, it still isn't performing like it should.

What's worse, you don't know what "performing like it should" is.

6 Expensive Pitfalls on the Path to a Gorgeous Website Redesign

September 17, 2015 by The Whole Brain Group
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When we work with clients on website projects, we follow a proven process that’s designed to avoid the most common pitfalls, and help us keep our projects on track and on budget. We’re always uncovering opportunities to improve, and we’re continually updating our processes and checklists to optimize the efficiency of our projects.

We just completed a redesign of our own website to boost its performance and take the design to a new level. We’re thrilled with the result, but to say it went flawlessly would be less than accurate. Despite our years of experience shepherding clients through website redesign projects, we found ourselves falling into some of the same traps we warn our clients about.

Chasing the Muse: What to Do When Your Creativity Collapses

August 27, 2015 by The Whole Brain Group
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Chasing the Muse
Being a Creative is a tricky thing. There are going to be days when the right side of the brain isn't humming along at 100%. Since the writers and designers at The Whole Brain Group work in a fast-paced environment, we all need to have go-to methods to jumpstart our creative energies and fight through writer's block.

We asked the Creatives at WBG what they do to invoke the muses when they go AWOL. Here’s what they told us.

Website Refresh: Smarter Usability and Design for TSS

October 16, 2014 by The Whole Brain Group
Found in: Web Design, Client News, Design and Usability

Website Refresh: Total Security SolutionsTotal Security Solutions (TSS) plans, produces and installs custom bullet resistant barriers that fit the design of virtually any environment. TSS thrives on solving complex security problems, and provides the most comprehensive line of bulletproof products available. With three decades of experience and a wealth of knowledge, TSS is one of the foremost leaders in the bulletproof security industry and was recently named to the 2014 Inc 5000 list of the fastest growing companies in America.