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Website Redesign For Integrated Design Inc. Highlights Time Bank

Authored by Sam Kusinitz on October 03, 2013

IDI_website_redesignClient Overview:

Integrated Design, Inc. (IDI) is an industry leader in employee data integration. Located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, they’ve been developing and perfecting integration solutions since 1985. Over 25,000 companies in North America have used IDI to integrate a wide range of employee data across hundreds of applications. Their software (Time Bank™) enables a company to leverage existing IT investments and reliably transfer data between their disparate systems.  When IDI puts it all together, their partners can extend their offerings and achieve integrated solutions that save time, automate manual tasks, and allow them to focus more on their company.

Topics: Web Design, The Whole Brain Group

11 Free Website Accessibility Evaluation Tools

Authored by Marisa Smith on July 30, 2013

Accessible Marketing - 11 Accessibility ToolsAs we've explained in our recent blog series, considering accessibility in your marketing allows people with disabilities to engage with your digital content, expands your brand’s reach, and improves your SEO. Since the purpose of inbound marketing is to drive traffic and leads to your website, it's critical to evaluate the accessibility of your website and correct any violations.

Topics: Accessible Marketing, Whole Brain Blog, Smart Tools, Web Design, ADA, Web Accessibility, Design and Usability

Style Guide: Encourage Brand Uniformity for Your Company

Authored by Jackie Blaida on May 16, 2013

The Importance of a Style GuideWhether you run a large corporation or own a small mom-and-pop shop, having a style guide is a key to business success. It acts as your company's style bible, creating a cohesive identity that guarantees a consistent look and feel for your brand as you create new marketing materials.

Topics: Whole Brain Blog, Web Design, Branding and Identity, Design and Usability

White Arbor's New Website: It's A Fit!

Authored by Jackie Blaida on May 10, 2013

White Arbor Bridal & Formals

White Arbor Bridal & Formals, a small wedding boutique located in Saline, Michigan, offers a one-stop shopping venue for every bride's special day!

Topics: Whole Brain Blog, Web Design, Client News, Design and Usability

Does Your Website Play Well With Mobile?

Authored by The Whole Brain Group on February 07, 2013

Does your website play well with mobile

We’ve all done it. Gone to a website with our mobile smart phone or iPad, only to discover that the website isn’t mobile-friendly. Constantly squinting, enlarging the screen, and pressing the wrong links gets tiring - real fast!

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