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Does Your Website Play Well With Mobile?

Authored by kbekken on February 07, 2013

Does your website play well with mobile

We’ve all done it. Gone to a website with our mobile smart phone or iPad, only to discover that the website isn’t mobile-friendly. Constantly squinting, enlarging the screen, and pressing the wrong links gets tiring - real fast!

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Optimizing Your Website for Social Media

Authored by Jodee Jernigan on September 25, 2012

Optimize your website for socialAs a digital marketing agency, clients often come to us for help with their social media strategy and execution. While businesses often realize the importance of using social media to drive new sales opportunities, they are often surprised to learn that before they even think about creating a social media plan, they must first get their company website in order. What does your website have to do with your social media strategy? Turns out, a lot. Read on:

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Get The Most Out Of Your New Twitter Profile

Authored by The Whole Brain Group on September 20, 2012

New Twitter ProfileEarlier this week Twitter launched a new profile page design in an apparent  effort to stay abreast of the current visual trend. Following the lead set by fellow social media giants Facebook and Google+, Twitter is turning its focus to images. Both Facebook and Google+ recently rolled out new profile designs featuring cover photos as the primary visual component of the page. The new Twitter profile similarly features a prominent header photo centered over the tweet stream at the top of the page.

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5 Quick Tips for Good Design

Authored by Jackie Blaida on September 04, 2012

5 Quick Tips for Good DesignIf  design concepts seem like Lorem ipsum to you, take our crash course with these great design tips!

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Improve Your Website & Messaging with Content Strategy

Authored by Jodee Jernigan on August 23, 2012

Create valuable and useful contentIf you’re thinking about a website redesign project, you might think your first decisions involve picking a color palette, choosing typeface styles, and navigational settings. However, what’s often neglected is really the most important part: the content.

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