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7 Signs Your Website Needs a Facelift

April 26, 2017 by Ben Jessup
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A grey hair here, a wrinkle there. Whether we notice it or not, we're all aging a little every day. Your website ages the same way. You don’t notice the dated styling or conventions because you see them all the time. 

But your visitors notice, and they make judgements about your business based on how your website looks. 

Why Your "Why" Is Critical for Successful Inbound Marketing

May 18, 2016 by Ben Jessup
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Why Your "Why" Is Critical For Successful Inbound Marketing

Every organization on the planet knows what they do. Some of them understand how they do it—their USP. Very few are able to articulate why they do it—their raison d’ȇtre. Yet, people don’t purchase because of what you do—they purchase because of your why.

[INFOGRAPHIC] What is Inbound Marketing?

March 22, 2016 by Marisa Smith
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[INFOGRAPHIC] What Is Inbound Marketing?

Traditional marketing techniques involve ads such as commercials, billboards, and direct mail which can be costly and difficult to measure. Since your message is going out to all sorts of people who might not want your product or are not ready to buy, traditional marketing can be like taking a shot in the dark.

Inbound marketing instead focuses on targeted techniques such as content creation, search marketing, and social media that help potential buyers find your business when they are ready to buy. This brings better, more qualified leads into your sales funnel. And, although inbound marketing does involve effort, the cost is typically significantly less than traditional marketing — with much better rewards.

How to Create a Buyer Persona That Wins More Sales

March 17, 2016 by Will Kerschbaum
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How To Create A Buyer Persona That Wins More Sales

Let me introduce you to Kelly. Kelly is a 39-year-old marketing director at a growing mid-size company. She’s the sole marketing person at her organization, and she’s relatively new at the company—but she learned quickly that she needs to prove her value to the CEO and the VP of Sales, who think marketing is a touchy-feely department that doesn’t provide the sales team with the support they need.

Kelly wants to make a marketing impact at her company that helps them achieve real growth. She’s thinking about implementing inbound marketing, but she doesn’t how to get started or how to convince other stakeholders that inbound can provide the results they’re looking for. She’s looking for a strategic and creative partner who can help her launch and optimize an inbound marketing system that delivers meaningful sales support.

Kelly is vital to my work because she helps me understand our clients better.

She’s also one of my imaginary friends.

Google Side Ads Are Gone: How This Impacts Your Business

March 14, 2016 by Bonnie Valentine
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Just as winter is fading and spring is here, so also Google’s right-hand side ads are gone! This is a big deal because AdWords is now serving up just 7 ads per SERP instead of 10—so three advertisers are getting pushed off the first page of every search. (One exception: shopping campaign ads are still displayed on the right-hand rail.)