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Signals from HubSpot: Sales Intelligence for Smarter Prospecting

Authored by Marisa Smith on November 22, 2013

Introducing Signals by HubSpotIn sales, timing is everything. Not only do you have to find the right prospects who fit your ideal customer profile, but you need to be talking to them when they're ready to buy or have a problem you can help them solve. And you have to catch them at the exact moment when this decision or problem is their top priority, and they've made the time to research a solution or come to a decision. If you contact them at the right time, you're a lifesaver. And if you catch them at the wrong moment - you're just another annoying telemarketer interrupting their day.

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11 Free Website Accessibility Evaluation Tools

Authored by Marisa Smith on July 30, 2013

Accessible Marketing - 11 Accessibility ToolsAs we've explained in our recent blog series, considering accessibility in your marketing allows people with disabilities to engage with your digital content, expands your brand’s reach, and improves your SEO. Since the purpose of inbound marketing is to drive traffic and leads to your website, it's critical to evaluate the accessibility of your website and correct any violations.

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Smart Tool: Project Collaboration with Smartsheet

Authored by Megan Cough on May 01, 2013

smartsheetAt The Whole Brain Group, we're always looking for new tools to make managing our work a breeze, and our latest favorite tool is called Smartsheet! Smartsheet is a great project management tool that encourages collaboration with advanced features tailored to project teams. We like to describe it as "spreadsheets on steroids".

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12 Things To Do After You've Written a New Blog Post

Authored by The Whole Brain Group on May 22, 2012

The folks over at Unbounce recently shared this great infographic from DivvyHQ outlining the 12 steps any savvy marketer should follow after writing a new blog post!  Best of all, it doubles as a checklist, so you can print it out, laminate it, and keep it by your desk for reference.

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Bye-Bye Scanner: Digitally Signing Documents with Apple Preview

Authored by Marisa Smith on May 07, 2012

At The Whole Brain Group, we're constantly trying to reduce the amount of paper we use, so signing documents has always been a source of irritation for me. When we send contracts out, I have a digital signature I embed in the document, but when I have to sign a document I didn't produce, the steps are time consuming and paper-wasting:

  • Print the signature page
  • Sign it
  • Scan it
  • Email it back
Not overly complicated, but annoying - and I have to be at my desk in the office to complete these steps.

A more elegant solution for signing documents digitally

Luckily, the most recent version of Apple's Preview program offers an elegant solution: you can use your computer's built-in camera to "scan" your signature on a blank piece of paper, and then insert it into any PDF file.
Signing Documents with Preview: Step 7

Step 8: Save the file and email it!

Since your signature is saved in Preview, the next time you have a document to sign, you only have to follow Steps 6-8!

Armed with only my MacBook, I can now sign documents and keep new business deals moving even when I'm on the road!

Was this tip helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

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