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This Is What Your Marketing and Sales Funnel Really Looks Like

May 20, 2016 by Ben Jessup
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This Is What Your Sales Funnel Really Looks Like

Behold, the ideal marketing and sales funnel. Symmetrical in form, it’s a model of beauty and efficiency that makes sense of your visitors, leads, opportunities, and closed sales. But that’s not what YOUR marketing funnel looks like.

Ideal sales funnel

Unfortunately for most B2B companies, the reality of their marketing and sales funnel is a misshapen figure that looks more like a funhouse mirror. And a lot of these companies don’t even realize it because they don’t know what their funnel looks like. They know how many visitors and closes they have, but everything in the middle is a mystery to them. So they assume their funnels have the idealized symmetrical form when in fact they’re horrible-looking messes.

Why Most Salespeople Solve the Wrong Problem

March 03, 2016 by Erik Meier
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Why Most Salespeople Solve the Wrong Problem

I met with a small business owner a couple months ago to talk about her company and her plans for growth. She shared some challenges that they've been working on—especially a sales cycle that takes too long, and the constant pressure to reduce price and terms to close deals. Pretty common stuff for any company trying to gain more business.

As we talked a little more, though, the problem changed. We found that the sales cycle did take too long, and they were getting beat up on price—but that wasn't the real issue. The issue was that she had no control over forecasting the company pipeline. Because she was unable to do that, she couldn’t make capital investments to grow the operation. So she was stressed to the point of exhaustion, and concerned that the company she once had control of, now had control of her.

3 Things Your Sales Team Needs From Your Marketing Team

March 01, 2016 by Marisa Smith
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3 Things Your Sales Team Needs From Your Marketing Team

Sales and marketing go hand in hand. Without effective marketing, there are no prospects to sell your product to. Without sales people to convert those prospects into customers, your marketing efforts are wasted.

In a small company, sales and marketing functions are often the responsibility of one or two people with blended roles—so communicating goals and priorities is often simpler and clearer. But as an organization grows and teams begin to form, the lines of communication often begin to break down.

It's not uncommon for marketing teams to have very little knowledge of the sales process, and for sales teams to be clueless about the effort required to generate the leads they're following up on.

Why You Need Sales Enablement Now

February 23, 2016 by Bonnie Valentine
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Why you need sales enablement now

The world of sales has changed and buyers are more educated. Yet, salespeople haven’t caught up with the times. Sales reps are spending 59% of their time on non-sales activities. Their time is wasted on researching, sourcing leads, and administrative tasks. However, if you ask a salesperson what they want, they’ll ask for more time and more money.

6 Reasons Fewer Website Visitors Generate More Revenue

December 15, 2015 by Will Kerschbaum
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6 Reasons You Need to Attract FEWER Website Visitors

One of the critical key performance indicators that digital marketers rely on is the number of visitors to your website. The more the merrier—you’re drawing eyeballs, and the more views you get, the more leads you’ll have. Keep increasing your website visitors each month and eventually your sales team will be overwhelmed with qualified leads.

Except when they aren’t.