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Lead Scoring: Identify And Focus On Your Most Valuable Inbound Leads

April 24, 2013 by The Whole Brain Group
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Lead ScoringIf you have a successful inbound marketing strategy in place, chances are pretty good that you’re starting to get more leads than you know what to do with. Bottom of the funnel leads are no-brainers: you should always follow up with people who call you, or who submit a web form to request a consultation or a price. But what do you do with all the people who have downloaded your eBooks and checklists? Your contact database or customer relationship management (CRM) system may be full of people who are on the verge of buying, and just need a little nudge from your sales team to convert them into paying customers.

Lead Scoring and Why It's Important to Your Marketing Efforts

November 13, 2012 by The Whole Brain Group
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What Is Lead Scoring?

Lead scoring is a key component of an efficient marketing and sales process. By assigning scores to your leads, you can determine which ones are ready to send directly to Sales and which ones still need nurturing in Marketing. This practice not only provides Sales with better-qualified leads, it also streamlines communication between the two departments.