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What Does Inbound Look Like For a B2B Company?

March 09, 2017 by Ben Jessup
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fitting the puzzle pieces together

At this point, you’re probably aware that inbound marketing is a great way to increase traffic and convert leads into customers. You know that it’s a targeted approach to marketing, as opposed to traditional marketing’s more scattershot approach. But how do you incorporate inbound into your B2B company’s marketing plan? Let’s take a look at what inbound would look like for your organization.

Irresistible Content That Wins the Sale

February 23, 2017 by Ben Jessup
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In my last couple of posts, I revealed the best types of content for manufacturers to get noticed at the Awareness stage and the Consideration stage of the buyer's journey. Now that you're attracting new visitors and demonstrating what sets you apart from other manufacturers, it's time to move your leads to the final stage before a purchase: the Decision stage.

9 Unique Content Types That Will Maximize Your Conversion Rate

February 17, 2017 by Ben Jessup
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Content Types That Will Maximize Your Conversion Rate

Whenever you write (or publish) a clickbait post, do you feel a bit spammy? Does it make you feel like you're one step away from used car sales? I'm not going to deny that those types of posts and that brand of content marketing doesn't get results - it does. If you get a lot of traffic, you're going to get some click-throughs. The thing is, that kind of content doesn't usually result in a customer that sticks around (or that's the kind of lead you want).

6 Reasons Fewer Website Visitors Generate More Revenue

December 15, 2015 by The Whole Brain Group
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6 Reasons You Need to Attract FEWER Website Visitors

One of the critical key performance indicators that digital marketers rely on is the number of visitors to your website. The more the merrier—you’re drawing eyeballs, and the more views you get, the more leads you’ll have. Keep increasing your website visitors each month and eventually your sales team will be overwhelmed with qualified leads.

Except when they aren’t.

Lead Scoring and Why It's Important to Your Marketing Efforts

November 13, 2012 by The Whole Brain Group
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What Is Lead Scoring?

Lead scoring is a key component of an efficient marketing and sales process. By assigning scores to your leads, you can determine which ones are ready to send directly to Sales and which ones still need nurturing in Marketing. This practice not only provides Sales with better-qualified leads, it also streamlines communication between the two departments.