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Inbound Marketing Infographic: How to Increase Traffic & Convert Leads

Authored by Jodee Jernigan on October 30, 2012

So, What Is Inbound Marketing?Have you heard about inbound marketing yet? As an internet marketing agency, we use inbound marketing tactics daily, for our clients and for our own internal marketing efforts. But what is inbound marketing, anyway? And how does it differ from traditional marketing?

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5 Reasons You Should Create an Infographic for your Business

Authored by The Whole Brain Group on October 03, 2012

5 Reasons to create an infograhpic for your business

With the elevated focus on images in social media, creating strong visual content is becoming increasingly important. Many businesses are embracing infographics as a key component of their internet marketing plans. We recently published a post discussing the astonishing ROI, or "Return on Infographics," that we have experienced first-hand here at Whole Brain Group. But just why are infographics so popular? Here are 5 reasons why infographics are successful and why you should be using them for your business:

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Sensible Social Media Checklist v2.0 for Businesses Now Available auf Deutsch!

Authored by Jackie Blaida on September 27, 2012

German Sensible Social Media ChecklistSince we released our Sensible Social Media Checklist Infographic in July, it continues to be shared and downloaded in several countries. As our infographic makes its trip around the world, we are excited to showcase the latest version in German!

We were contacted by Institut Michael Ehlers located in Bamberg, Germany, to create a German version of the Sensible Social Media Checklist v2.0 for Businesses. Working with them has been a real treat and a great collaborative experience. We are excited to watch our checklist take off on its adventure in Germany!

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Images: The Hottest Social Media Trend of 2012

Authored by The Whole Brain Group on September 19, 2012



Images - Hottest Social Media Trend 2012If we were to pick one overarching theme in social media for 2012, it has to be the elevated focus on imagesPinterest is the hottest new social network to emerge this year, and is the most image-based social network to date. The popularity of Pinterest has inspired the rest of the world to place an increased emphasis on visual content, and more businesses are taking advantage of these trends to add a little excitement to their marketing content.

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Tips For Creating and Hosting Tweet Chats For Business [INFOGRAPHIC]

Authored by The Whole Brain Group on September 12, 2012

A Tweet Chat is a public Twitter conversation on a specific day/time about a specific topic using a unique hashtag. Hosting a Tweet Chat shows thought leadership in your industry, can drive traffic to your website, promote your overall marketing message, and help you engage directly with your customer base. Follow our tips to create one for your business.

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