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Your S&%$ is Cool to Your Audience

March 23, 2017 by Ben Jessup
Found in: Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing

Guy engaged in reading

You know a lot about your particular industry. Like, A LOT. You could write a very detailed blog post about one aspect of it, but you have one question: who will read it? Or at least, who will read it to actually get the information, not as a sleep aid?

How Ready for Inbound Marketing Are You... Really?

March 15, 2017 by The Whole Brain Group
Found in: Inbound Marketing, inbound readiness



As inbound marketing continues to become the new standard of B2B marketing, more companies are buying into it more quickly. The good news for marketing directors is that it takes less effort to get the CEO to sign on with inbound. But it also means some companies are jumping into the pool without their water wings. And when they hit the water, they suddenly realize they don't know how to swim yet.

5 Types of Content That Convert Like Crazy for Manufacturers

February 09, 2017 by Will Kerschbaum
Found in: Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing

large gears | content that converts for manufacturers

In my last blog post, I revealed the best types of content for manufacturers to get noticed at the Awareness stage of the buyer's journey. Now that you're cranking out your blog articles and LinkedIn posts, it's time to think about the content your customers are looking for at the next stage: the Consideration stage.

Content That Hooks Manufacturing Customers at the Awareness Stage

February 03, 2017 by Will Kerschbaum
Found in: Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing

fishing lures on a table | content that hooks manufacturing customers at the Awareness stage

As a manufacturing or an engineering company, you know why your prospects should buy from you, but they don't know it...yet. So you need to court them, like a suitor wins his bride. There was a time when a caveman just grabbed a mate and dragged her off to the cave, but times have changed. Now you need to take it slower, get to know her, fall in love, and finally pop the question.

How Bad..Or Good is Your Website? Find Out In Seconds

January 26, 2017 by Will Kerschbaum
Found in: Inbound Marketing, Web Design, Analytics

chalkboard with website assessment grades written on it: excellent, good, average, poor

If you're like a lot of B2B marketers, you have this constant niggling anxiety at the back of your mind that no matter what changes or updates you make to your company website, it still isn't performing like it should.

What's worse, you don't know what "performing like it should" is.