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Company Demographics: Gathering Data For Your Ideal Customer Profile

Authored by The Whole Brain Group on January 27, 2014

Gathering Data for Your Ideal CustomerWelcome back to our series covering the best and Whole-Brainiest concepts in inbound marketing strategies. We’re glad you’re sticking with us! We’ll help you become brainier than ever in our first series topic, defining your ideal customer.

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14 Tips for Developing a Smart Marketing Strategy in 2014

Authored by Marisa Smith on December 31, 2013

14 Tips for Developing A Smart Marketing Strategy in 2014As we say goodbye to 2013, I wanted to take a moment to share the steps we're taking with many of our clients to make sure they are on the right track for 2014! HubSpot was kind enough to publish our tips on the Inbound Hub blog today, so please head over there to read our 14 Tips for Developing a Smart Marketing Strategy for 2014!

Topics: Inbound Marketing, Business Growth, sales-leads, marketing, hubspot, tips, Business Strategy, 2014

The Whole Brain Group Launches Ann Arbor Hubspot User Group

Authored by Jamie Huff on December 17, 2013

Ann Arbor User GroupThere are over 70 HubSpot User Groups meeting regularly across the world to discuss all things HubSpot and inbound marketing. Ann Arbor can now be counted as one of the HubSpot User Group (HUG) locations, and the team at The Whole Brain Group is leading it! We're proud to be carrying the HubSpot torch for Ann Arbor and the surrounding areas as the HUG's Leader!

Topics: Inbound Marketing, hubspot, The Whole Brain Group, HubSpot User Group, User Group, HUG

4 Common Mistakes That Can Derail Your Blogging Strategy

Authored by The Whole Brain Group on November 14, 2013

Blogging MistakesIf you’ve been following our recent series about the art of blogging, we’ve covered why you should blog and how to create great content. Having that knowledge gives you great power over how your business presents itself online, but as Uncle Ben told young Peter Parker, “with great power comes great responsibility.” Your blogging efforts may be all for naught if you fail to avoid these four common blogging mistakes.

Topics: Inbound Marketing, blogging, content-strategy, blog, blogging mistakes

7 Essential Tips For Engaging Blog Content

Authored by The Whole Brain Group on November 06, 2013

Blog TipsHopefully after reading our last post on blogging, you're realizing how important a blog is for your business. You may even have fresh inspiration and motivation to start blogging now! Not so fast. Before you start, it’s vital to have a clear roadmap and understanding of how to compose engaging, relevant content that attracts your intended audience. Take a look at the following steps below to guide you along a successful blogging path!

Topics: Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing, blogging, content-strategy, blog

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