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5 Reasons Marketers Are Becoming Certified

Authored by Marisa Smith on May 08, 2015

WBG_blog_feat_img_Hubspot_CertificationThere’s a trend in inbound marketing that you’d better not miss. More and more marketers are realizing the value of becoming certified through HubSpot and they’re making it a priority for their staff.

We’re a HubSpot Gold Partner and we’ve been certified since 2012. Every employee in our agency is required to have at least one certification through HubSpot.

What’s the big deal about certification? Here are the top 5 reasons we get recertified every year.

Topics: Inbound Marketing, HubSpot, syndication

7 Ways You’re Ruining Your Calls to Action

Authored by Marisa Smith on April 21, 2015

WBG_blog_feat_img_Call_to_ActionLet’s face it. You spend more time combing through stock photos than you do crafting your calls to action. CTAs are easy, right? Just tell your lead to sign up or download. Simple!

Actually, there’s a lot more to creating effective CTAs, and if you’re not using a sensible strategy, you’re probably seeing a lot fewer conversions than you could be getting.

If you want to create calls to action that crank out conversions, you can make a great start on it by checking for these CTA mistakes.

Topics: Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Marketing Tips, syndication

14 Tips for Developing Your 2015 Sales and Marketing Strategy

Authored by Marisa Smith on January 05, 2015


Sales and Marketing Strategy for 2015

Did you have a good holiday? Got some well-deserved rest and relaxation with your family and friends? Managed to break your email and texting addiction for a few days? Well, it’s time to shake off the “Egg Nog Fog” and get back in the swing of things!

Topics: Inbound Marketing, Business Goals, Business Strategy, syndication

Inbound Marketing for the Overwhelmed CMO

Authored by Marisa Smith on October 09, 2014

Inbound Marketing for the Overwhelmed CMOSometimes, the best way to gain traction is to stop.

At this time of year, we spend a lot of time in strategy meetings with clients to help them put together a budget and strategy for meeting their growth targets. After a big brainstorming session, we usually end up with a table full of sticky notes of issues they need to tackle. At this point, they’re either:

1) Excited to get started.

2) Overwhelmed by the issues we’ve uncovered.

3) A little of both.

Topics: Inbound Marketing, Business Goals, Marketing, syndication

New eBook: Get Cooking with Inbound Marketing

Authored by The Whole Brain Group on September 18, 2014

Cooking with InboundInbound marketing is a recent classic that is sure to delight your palate. With ingredients that are always in season, inbound marketing is the meal of choice for grand banquets as well as intimate gatherings. When we cook up tasty inbound recipes for our clients, they often ask for a second helping!

Topics: Inbound Marketing

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