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A Guide to Client Profiling: People and Companies

April 28, 2017 by Ben Jessup
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Our e-book, "Get Sales and Marketing Traction with Inbound," outlines key steps to building the best marketing strategy for your company’s unique goals. Now, we’re kicking off a series right here on our blog to guide you through each step in greater detail—using the Whole Brain approach! With our Right Brain, we’ll tune you in to the freshest, most creative ideas in marketing. With our ever-practical Left Brain, we’ll whip out the bullet points and offer you some hands-on tools to build and refine your marketing strategies for a new year.

Five Simple Steps to Creating an Ideal Customer Profile

April 19, 2016 by The Whole Brain Group
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Update for 2016: This is our most popular blog post to date! Because of this, we've made some updates to our original post to highlight additions we have implemented over the past few years. Enjoy!

Everyone knows you need a to create a successful marketing strategy in order to have a successful business. Before you decide how to market to potential customers, make sure you first take the time to figure out who you're marketing to. Don’t neglect one of the most important aspects of marketing: defining your ideal customer.

Follow these 5 simple steps to learn more about your existing customers, in order to find more customers like them.

How to Improve Your Sales with Inbound Marketing

May 02, 2014 by The Whole Brain Group
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Pocket Guide to Inbound MarketingMany marketing budgets are spent broadcasting across multiple formats in a buckshot-like approach, hoping to snare a few leads in the process. This outbound marketing approach may include mass mailings, cold calling, billboard advertising, and commercials - techniques meant to get your product or service in front of lots of people in the hopes of engaging with a few.

Create Your Ultimate B2B Customer Profile

March 04, 2014 by The Whole Brain Group
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Here we are at last—the final installment of our series, Target Your Ideal Customer With Personas. We’re so glad you’ve joined us, and we firmly believe your team’s marketing strategies will be the brainier for it!

In previous installments, we’ve discussed the whys and hows of building a more evolved customer profile, The Whole Brain way. The “why”? Your business succeeds when you know your audience and speak directly to their needs. The “how”? That’s about structuring your observations into a useful tool—one that integrates complete information about your diverse customer base, and delivers that information to your team in a clear and succinct visual format.

Individualizing Your Customer With Personas

February 18, 2014 by The Whole Brain Group
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Individualizing your customer with personasWelcome, all, to the third installment in our four-part series, Target Your Ideal Customer with Personas! An accurate understanding of the needs of your ideal customers enables you to communicate with them more effectively—and increases your business’ potential for success. We’re here to help you achieve a more accurate and insightful customer profile, and naturally, we’re doing it The Whole Brain way: by combining the complementary powers of creative thinking and hard data.