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Holiday Reading List for CEOs and Entrepreneurs

Authored by Marisa Smith on December 27, 2013

WBG_blog_feat_img_holiday_listAs a small business owner, I'm always trying to learn from the experience of other entrepreneurs, and that happens most often through reading their books. If you find yourself with some downtime over the holidays, here are the top 10 books I buy in bulk and regularly recommend to clients and colleagues. Read them in any order - this just happens to be the order that I discovered them!

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A Plus For Your Business: Google+

Authored by Jamie Huff on July 02, 2013

Google+ For Your BusinessAfter the recent Google+ updates were rolled out, some of the Whole Brainers conducted a quick survey among their Facebook friends to find out what they thought about them.

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Planned Spontaneity: What A Cappella Taught Me About Entrepreneurship

Authored by Marisa Smith on April 23, 2012

Resolutions A CapellaI just returned from a weekend at my alma mater, Colgate University, where I celebrated the 20th anniversary of The Resolutions, the co-ed a cappella group I founded there with two friends in 1992. Like most entrepreneurs, we had no idea what we were starting - we just saw a need and jumped headfirst into creating an alternative to the all-male and all-female groups that had dominated the a cappella scene on campus for most of the century. At the time, we didn't think we were doing anything particularly special, but I found out this weekend that we started something really amazing.

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GrowCo 2011: What Happened in Vegas Didn't Stay in Vegas

Authored by Marisa Smith on April 18, 2011

I always feel guilty when I leave for a conference - is it going to be worth the expense and the time away from the office and my family?  Should I really be spending time and money "working on the business" when there are so many other pressing concerns in my inbox?

When I left for the Inc Magazine's GrowCo 2011 Conference last week in Las Vegas, the usual worries were running through my head.  But today I sat in our conference room, surrounded by Whole Brainiacs engaged in lively discussion about customer service & company culture, and I realized that my worrying was the true waste of time.  Our conversation was fueled by the keynote presentation given by Dan Heath, author of "Switch", where he challenged us to obsess about what makes us successful as a company, instead of picking apart every problem and focusing on negatives.  I decided to lead the team through a brainstorming exercise where we answered the following questions:

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