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Craft An Intentionally Contagious Company Culture in 2016

February 02, 2016 by Anese Cavanaugh
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 Craft An Intentionally Contagious Company Culture In 2016

You killed it last year—in either a really great way, or maybe not so greatand you’ve devoted this next year to being even better, badder, and more awesome than ever. Your people are great, your clients are fantastic, and you’re all humming along (or maybe not, and that’s okay). You have your goals set, life is good, and in the beginning of the year it’s all about unicorns and daisies (or maybe not, and that’s okay).

No matter what you do this year, you want to up-level, right? If so, you’re going to have to pay a little more attention to a couple of things. Ready?

3 Red Flags That Indicate Your Company Needs a New Culture

January 14, 2016 by Guest Blogger
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3 Red Flags that Indicate Your Company Needs a New Culture

The world of start-ups has permanently changed the way businesses work, and perhaps their most important legacy is that of company culture. The CEO of AirBnB has gone as far as suggesting that company culture will be AirBnB's most important legacy, as it alters and changes everything else that goes on within a business.

So, how does your company culture stack up? Do you believe a shake-up is in order?

Here are three red flags that might indicate it's time for a big change in your company culture.

Rock Your Company Culture by "Making Love in the Workplace"

December 03, 2015 by Bonnie Valentine
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If you want to improve your company's culture, you need to start making love in the workplace.

We just hosted the Ann Arbor Small Giants chapter meetup with guest speaker David Mammano, author of the book Make Love in the Workplace. And we learned some fantastic principles about how to strengthen your company's culture. It's all about making love...sort of.

3 Business Podcasts You Should Subscribe To Right Now

March 05, 2015 by Marisa Smith
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Essential business podcasts
I love podcasts. They’re a great (and free) way to pass the time in the car, or while walking on the treadmill. Listening to other business people and thought leaders talk about their passions inspires me to think creatively about my own business. In fact, it takes me twice as long to get through a podcast because I'm always pausing it to dictate an idea into my Notes app!

9 Ways to Create a Positive Company Culture

January 12, 2015 by Marisa Smith
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Create a Company Culture that Drives Your Staff to WorkDoes your staff spend the weekend looking forward to Monday morning? The Whole Brainiacs do! Sure, we love the weekend and we’re glad to have a couple days away from work. But it’s not unusual for our employees to go home Friday evening eager to get back into work Monday morning.

So how do you create a company culture that drives your people to work every morning? We don’t have all the answers, but here are a few things we’ve done to create a workplace that our team loves.