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3 Simple Steps to Generate More Leads with Your Blog

October 14, 2015 by The Whole Brain Group
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There’s a thrill inherent in Marco Polo that Hide & Seek can’t give you. In Marco Polo, you start completely blind and alone. Your targets are somewhere out there, but since you have no information about them, you may as well be floating alone in the middle of the ocean. But the moment you sound out your targets, you get a full picture. You’re moving through the dark, but you know exactly where your targets are.

Blogging is a bit like Marco Polo. You can generate content like mad, but there’s no way of knowing if the articles are hitting anywhere near your target audience. Do your posts help generate leads, or are you investing time and resources into a vain activity?

Are You Creating Forgettable Content?

September 03, 2015 by The Whole Brain Group
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Are You Creating Memorable Content?

Research has shown that 90% of the content you’re sharing is forgotten—and quickly, too. That means your prospects only retain 10% of what you share. Which 10% will they remember?

During INBOUND 2015, I heard Rexi Media’s Carmen Simon tell the story of a presentation she attended in Italy. The only thing she can remember from the presentation is that 17% of Italians surveyed think it’s okay to text while having sex. Hardly what the presenter wanted the audience to take away.

How to Make Your Brand’s Voice and Tone Pitch-Perfect

August 27, 2015 by The Whole Brain Group
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Make brand pitch perfect
James Earl Jones. Julia Child. Ella Fitzgerald. Elmo.

Some people have an unforgettable voice. It’s as smooth as velvet or as bubbly as soda pop. There’s no mistaking that voice, and it always evokes a certain emotional response — trust or laughter or longing.

Your company has a voice, too. Like an archetype, your voice communicates who you are in an unforgettable way. In fact, your voice is informed by your archetype to emulate your company’s unique personality.

Chasing the Muse: What to Do When Your Creativity Collapses

August 27, 2015 by The Whole Brain Group
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Chasing the Muse
Being a Creative is a tricky thing. There are going to be days when the right side of the brain isn't humming along at 100%. Since the writers and designers at The Whole Brain Group work in a fast-paced environment, we all need to have go-to methods to jumpstart our creative energies and fight through writer's block.

We asked the Creatives at WBG what they do to invoke the muses when they go AWOL. Here’s what they told us.

7 Sure-Fire Writing Tips That Might Not Make a Difference

August 12, 2015 by The Whole Brain Group
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7 Writing Tips
Hemingway said to write drunk and edit sober. (He also said the first draft of anything is sh*t — which is perhaps not surprising if he was writing drunk.) W. Somerset Maugham said, “There are three rules for writing….Unfortunately, no one knows what they are.”

The internet is flooded with sure-fire tips and tricks on how to write, but I think Maugham was onto something. There’s no “right” way to do it.