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Stop Trying to Get More Leads

May 25, 2016 by The Whole Brain Group
Found in: Inbound Marketing, Lead Generation

Stop Trying To Get More Leads

You're working hard to get tons of online leads. You’re proud of this, because your marketing team is really hustling to get your sales team lots of leads from your online marketing efforts.

But you need to stop trying to get huge numbers of leads. You’re actually hurting your sales process by doing so. B2B companies that center their marketing on getting more leads don't actually need more leads. They need more sales.

You’ll see a better ROI on your sales and marketing efforts and you’ll close sales faster if you concentrate on finding those prospects that are more likely to want or need what you’re offering and “get” what you’re all about.

Lose the “Loser” Prospects and Focus Only on “Your Guys”

Telling your CEO, “Boss, we need to forget about these hundreds of leads here and focus on these dozens over there,” would be an interesting conversation. But remind your chief that most online lead conversion rates are just 1 percent, and then pique her interest when you mention that extremely qualified online leads often result in a 2 percent (in other words, doubled!) conversion.

Finding Your Perfect Prospects in the First Place

Start by talking to your sales representatives or culling through information about your buyers to find what general types of people are becoming clients. What do they do (what’s their function in your client companies)? What is their educational background, their gender, their age?

Most important, why did they end up buying from you? If necessary, talk to your current or past customers and ask why they purchased your product and service and not a competitor’s?

Once you know who these buyers are, you can then create buyer personas. Be as detailed as possible as you create them because all your marketing will be targeted to these “ideal customers” – your perfect prospects – from now on.

Finding, Nurturing and Selling to Your (Future) Champions

Now that you know who loves you and why they buy from you, create content that speaks to their pains, their driving questions, and desires. Your marketing becomes pertinent and valuable to your particular best customer.

Generate Fewer – But Better – Leads, Close More Sales

Ignore leads generated via non-targeted means. Instead, identify your tribe and then reach out to its members. Give them something exceedingly useful to help them solve their problems, reach their goals, achieve success. Do this repeatedly: nurture your leads. Watch them convert into sales.

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