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Sensible Blogging Checklist for Businesses [INFOGRAPHIC]

Our infographic, the Sensible Social Media Marketing Checklist for Businesses, was such a huge hit that we decided to create a series of Sensible Checklists to help businesses stop setting crazy goals for themselves!

Did you know that business blogging can increase your web traffic on average by 55%? In a recent post, we outlined the 6 important reasons your business should be blogging. But how do you get started?
A great content & blogging strategy can help you attract like-minded people and help you build trust and relationships with potential customers. If you're confused about how to get started with developing a blogging strategy or how to focus your efforts, our Sensible Blogging Checklist will help!  Follow our simple suggestions in order to:

You can also Download a printable version of the Sensible Blogging Checklist for Businesses - print it out and keep it handy for reference!

Don't forget that this is just a guideline to get you started! A really effective strategy and implementation plan takes a lot of thought and research - including competitive analysis, positioning, keyword research, and more.

To learn more, you may want to check out our Content Marketing Basics Webinar.

Sensible Blogging Checklist for Businesses

Sensible Blogging Checklist for Businesses






















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