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3 Easy Pro-Tips for Search Engine Optimization

November 20, 2015 by Guest Blogger
Found in: Content Marketing, Google, syndication, keywords

3 Easy Pro-Tips For Search Engine Optimization

When it comes to promoting your website with search engine optimization you'll hear the most obvious advice just about everywhere you turn. Write about relevant topics. Make sure to include your keywords in your page titles and large text headlines. If you're going to promote your business with search engine optimization then these rules are table stakes.

But when it comes to turbocharging your search engine optimization strategy, there are a few things that can really push you ahead. Follow these tips and you'll likely take advantage of huge opportunities that your competitors haven't even considered trying yet.

It's Not Sales vs. Marketing; It's Sales and Marketing.

October 06, 2015 by Guest Blogger

There have been a number of times that we’ve walked into an organization looking for some marketing assistance, and we hear a familiar tune:

“Marketing doesn’t work, it costs too much!”

“Sales aren’t doing their job! I’m sending them leads!”

If you’ve grown up with siblings, this scenario can sound very familiar to quarreling brothers and sisters, but what is really going on here? Why do so many organizations seem to have problems when it comes to aligning their sales and marketing teams?