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9 Unique Content Types That Will Maximize Your Conversion Rate

February 17, 2017 by Guest Blogger
Found in: Content Marketing, Lead Conversion, content conversion

Content Types That Will Maximize Your Conversion Rate

Whenever you write (or publish) a clickbait post, do you feel a bit spammy? Does it make you feel like you're one step away from used car sales? I'm not going to deny that those types of posts and that brand of content marketing doesn't get results - it does. If you get a lot of traffic, you're going to get some click-throughs. The thing is, that kind of content doesn't usually result in a customer that sticks around (or that's the kind of lead you want).

How to Guarantee You Hire the Right Salesperson

June 24, 2016 by Guest Blogger
Found in: Sales & Marketing

How To Guarantee You Hire The Right Salesperson

This post was guest written by Miche Rayment of The Hire Effect.

You’ve blessedly managed to make a clean break from what you now refer to as “the sales mis-hire.” In fact, everyone in the company is calling it that—over lunch, at the coffee machine, and after meetings. It’s got you on edge. 

Now you're hoping to find a better replacement VP of Sales. You're sitting with 20 resumes that rose to the top of all the applicantsthirteen candidates are in the Passable pile and seven in the Stellar pile.

Ugh, the last guy was in the stellar pile.

Why CEOs Need a Triangle of Trusted Advisors

March 11, 2016 by Guest Blogger
Found in: Business Growth

Why CEOs Need A Triangle Of Trusted Advisors

This post was written by guest blogger Jonathan B. Smith, Founder and CEO of Chief Optimizer.

Once, when I was running Wave Dispersions Systems, a maritime fence designed to stop a water-borne improvised explosive device (WBIED), a bankrupt client refused to pay a large invoice. At the time, we were flooded with business, scaling up quickly, and we hadn't yet dealt with a default. We wanted payment as well as controls to prevent a similar situation in the future.

At the time, I was a member of the Entrepreneur's Organization (EO), a global peer-to-peer network of non-competitive business owners from a range of non-competitive industries and backgrounds. EO's philosophy centers around confidential peer-to-peer sharing based on individual experience, known as "gestalt protocol" and not on "advice." The magic lies in the realization that there is often another member who has expertise or experience around the issue or decision you are grappling with in your company.

I told my EO Forum group about the problem. Immediately, one of the members suggested a solution regarding use of a UCC 1 Statement filing that would protect us from a similar scenario in the future. In that moment, I catapulted myself from in-the-dark to in-the-know.

5 Areas to Consider When Building a B2B Email Lead Nurturing Campaign

January 22, 2016 by Guest Blogger
Found in: Lead Generation, Email Marketing

5 Areas To Consider When Building A B2B Email Lead Nurturing Campaign

Effective lead nurturing can bring your efforts together and produce significant results.

A major component of most lead nurturing strategies is email marketing. How you construct your emails can have a significant impact on how well they move your leads through the buyer's journey. Here are some things to keep in mind as you build your next email nurturing program.

3 Red Flags That Indicate Your Company Needs a New Culture

January 14, 2016 by Guest Blogger
Found in: Business Mojo, Business Strategy, syndication

3 Red Flags that Indicate Your Company Needs a New Culture

The world of start-ups has permanently changed the way businesses work, and perhaps their most important legacy is that of company culture. The CEO of AirBnB has gone as far as suggesting that company culture will be AirBnB's most important legacy, as it alters and changes everything else that goes on within a business.

So, how does your company culture stack up? Do you believe a shake-up is in order?

Here are three red flags that might indicate it's time for a big change in your company culture.