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6 Steps to Growing a Great Business [VIDEO]

6 steps to growing a great business now on videoAre you committed to growing a great business? Here at The Whole Brain Group we strive for “business mojo” – a concept introduced by Bo Burlingham in his 2006 book “Small Giants: Companies That Choose to Be Great Instead of Big“:

“Business mojo is the corporate equivalent of charisma in a person…Companies with mojo have a quality that makes people want to be part of them.”

So, what is this elusive "mojo", and why should you care?  It turns out that companies that pursue this philosophy also tend to attract and retain great employees and customers, and they have highly sustainable and profitable business models. Not only that, they have a heck of a lot of FUN doing it!

Earlier this summer, we created an infographic entitled: 6 Steps to Growing a Great Business. Now we are pleased to release the accompanying video.

Watch it today and learn how you can add some business mojo to your company!

Next Steps:

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